Q1. What is WWHI?

A1. The WWHI was established in 2006 and was given the mandate of being made the Asia representative for the global forum
It is a non-profit organization, based in Delhi. The Initiative works in the areas relating to gender aspects of work and health. The team, which organized the International Congress on Women Work & Health in 2005, has been invited by the International Scientific Committee to hold the International Congress on: EQUAL WORLD EQUAL SPACES, a Festival celebrating Women, Work & Health in Jaipur, India this year, from 11th – 13th March, 2016.
The Congress is a part of the International Network of Women Work & Health initiated in Barcelona, Spain in 1996. The network is presently in more than 60 countries. The International Congress on WWH has been given the mandate to be the Asia representative. This forum was established after the successful IV International Congress on Women Work & Health, held in New Delhi in 2005.

Q2. Where is the festival, Equal World Equal Spaces happening?
A2. The festival will take place at Diggi Palace, Jaipur, India from 11th – 13th March, 2016.

Q3. How do I get to the main venue?

Q4. What are the criteria for registration?
A4. Anybody who is interested in the themes of the Congress can participate either by presenting a paper or visiting as a guest.
You can read the themes and register on the website- www.wwhi.in. Participation can be in the form of submitting abstracts and presenting in front of the panel or coming as a guest/ listener for attending the sessions. Registration for submission of articles/ papers/ abstracts is free.

On selection:
International Delegates: Euros 250
Indian Nationals:- INR 1000
Early Bird participation fees for registered guests 15th Dec, 2015 – INR 1000
After 15th Dec, 2015 –  INR 1500
On Site – INR 2000
Students (on production of Identification)- Entry Free for attending sessions on all Congress days

Q5. How will it benefit me?
A5. As a presenter of a paper you get a chance to put forth your views in front of a learned gathering and also get a chance to have your paper published.

Q6. How frequently does this event happen?
A6. This event will now take place annually.

Q7. What is the agenda for the 2016 congress?
A7. The theme of women and work, and its implications on health is the focus. Now more than ever, it has become imperative to bring these concerns into the public discourse, with the different stakeholders: academics, practitioners, policy makers, Civil Society and the public, coming together on a common platform. Equal World Equal Spaces WWH promotes integration of gender as a focal perspective in the realm of work & health and living conditions. This involves a deeper insight and a paradigm shift by researchers and workers to evolve fresh perspectives and ideas that can lead to positive and long-lasting development outcomes.

Q8. What will be the themes of the sessions?
A8. For a complete list of themes and the sub- topics please visit- http://wwhi.in/wp-content/themes/reverie-child/images/Call-For-Abstract.pdf

Q9. What type of cultural programs will be held at the event?
A9. The Entertainment section will include innovative and thought provoking representative arts along with poster competition, street plays, audio/video programme and a Crafts Bazaar.

Q10. What is the best way to travel to Jaipur?
A10. Jaipur is well connected by road with multiple state buses and cabs going at short intervals, railways and air transport. The distance between Delhi and Jaipur via NH8 is 268.4 Kms. There are various flights connecting Delhi from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Jaipur International Airport.

Q11. What are the airline options? Any discounts available?
A11. Coming Soon!

Q12. Are there rooms on discounted rates available to participants and visitors?
A12. Information regarding accommodation will be put up soon!

Q13. What do I do if I need to cancel or change my reservations?
A13. All the hotel booking have to be made in advance and are non- refundable.

Q14. Are handicapped facilities available at the Venue?
A14. The Conference is at a heritage property with open air grounds. The venues are a mixture of indoors as well as outdoors. While there are ramps and access points for the differently abled people we would recommend that these people have a companion to assist them.

Q15. How do I apply for volunteering, blogging?
A15. Volunteer registration forms will be up on the website shortly. Please register.

Q16. I want to support EWES how do I go about it?  
A16. To support EWES you can make donations. For details please go on the website www.wwhi.in put the email address

Q17. Do I need to be an academic to attend the Festival?
A17. You can register for the Festival as a Visitor and attend all the sessions and enjoy all the other events at the Venue. For registration details please go to: www.wwhi.in

Q18. How much will it cost me to attend the 3 days programme?
A18. Registration for International candidates is 250 Euros/ person and for Indian nationals Rs. 1000/ person. These registration charges are exclusive of meals and accommodation.

Q19. What are the Festival hours?
A19.The festival commences at 9:00 am and will go on till 7:30 pm, post which will be the dinners.

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